As a member, what is my role?

All WOF members are united by an interest in topics related to the workforce of the future and share the network’s mission and values.

As a member of the platform you will be either:

WOF Influencer - As a Influencer you are a leader/co-leader of one or more topic areas. You have a strategic influence over the network’s development and actively drive, promote and contribute to its success (which requires minimum engagement into the virtual environment on a weekly basis). Your objective is also to grow the network.

WOF Champion - If you are a Champion, you have a passion for your topic(s) and actively seek to develop the dialog by regularly contributing to and promoting the network (which requires minimum engagement into the virtual environment on a monthly basis). You will seek out new members that you think will add and gain value from the network.

WOF Member - As a Member you will benefit from the shared content, research findings and networking opportunities. (Note: WOF Memberships open from September 2017)

Is the network free to join?

The WOF network is not a commercial profit-making organisation. Influencers and Champions will not be charged as part of their commitment to the network. Once the network launches, WOF Members will be charged £30 per year to help with the running costs of the network.

Is my data protected?

WOF members will be asked to provide some information about themselves, including contact details. This information will be used to communicate updates and news as well as to optimise the services we provide to the network. 

Our members' information is securely stored and will not be sent to any third parties for commercial advertising without consent.

Can I promote my services?

The network welcomes a wide range of experts and professionals from across industries and markets who have a collective interest to drive and support the WOF movement through their expertise and work.

To ensure and continue to offer a high level of value to the network, members will not be permitted to leverage the platform for commercial use.

Who is ProFinda?

ProFinda is the chosen WOF platform provider. ProFinda is not permitted to make use of member’s data for sales and marketing opportunities.