Why I joined the Workforce Of The Future Network

By Kristin Sauter, Founding Partner at WOF.

You’d probably agree, the future of work is one of the most discussed topics right now with over 260 million hits on Google alone.

My journey in this fascinating field started a little bit over a year ago.

Curious about the changing working world, I wanted to connect and learn from the right people in this space. So, to me, networking is one of the best ways to do so, that also allows for countless opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

The choice here in London is wide and varied.  Ever since, I have been attending many workshops and events on topics like: AI in recruitment, Gig Economy, Employee Experience, Agile HR and the future of work. I’ve made some lasting connections out of some (not all) of these events.

I really enjoy it! It’s one of my favourite ways of learning and getting inspired.

But…there is one drawback.

Whether you are putting on the show or even just attending, the events demand a fair amount of time. Often you may have to sacrifice attending a key event because you simply can’t fit it into your schedule.

So, I have been on the look out for a way to compliment my face-to-face events with a virtual alternative. One that reduces the time needed but still gives me access to connect with smart and interesting people who are also interested in the future of work space.

A couple of months ago I was introduced to the WOF network and have been asked to join as one of the founding partners.

Since being involved in the making and shaping of the network, I had the pleasure to attract a wide range of new people. I’ve met authors, business owners, directors and senior leaders who all share a common interest and passion for this fascinating field.

So, where are we now?

10 months ago, there was a germ of an idea to create this network of influencers and big thinkers on how work will change and how it will impact the workforce in the future.

Today we are thrilled to have more than 100 local and global Influencers and Champions involved, eager to contribute to the network as part of their commitment to shape the future of work.

Our mission is not trivial. We want to work together to change the world of work, as we know it for the good of the present and future workforce. This is why we are building the network and working hard to attract and unite the world’s thought leaders and big thinkers who already look to challenge existing concepts and ideologies about the workforce of the future.

The network covers over 20 themes in the future of work space, which will be led or co-led by our Influencing Partners. Supported by our Champions, each Influencer will drive their chosen topic area(s) and regularly demonstrate their expertise by sharing latest industry news, innovations, research findings and hot trends.

For me, joining WOF was all about joining the right network, making the right connections, in the right field, that allows for loads opportunities to create professional relationships and to be able to support and help one another. I know it’s a place to come to feed my imagination and that inspires me. 

The platform will be (beta) launching in the next couple of weeks and will be open to Champions and Influencers with the aim to launching to the wider community in September.

I’m excited about the launch but moreover about the insights and connections I expect to make along the way.

If you want to find out more about us or better still you want to pitch to become one of our influencers or champions then get in touch today.