WOF morning coffee talks

By Vicky Holdsworth, Founding Partner of WOF and Marketing Director at ProFinda.

We're now into the third in our series of WOF morning coffee talks, and what better way to start the year than with our latest interview. This morning we sat down with WOF founding influencer - Andrew Ford to discuss all things future of work and what he expects from the workforce of the future network.  

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Tell us a bit about yourself?

For the last 20 years I have worked across corporate, private-equity and start-up businesses - including Symantec, Dell, Comlinked, PB software, iadbox, Cyance, HP, BT, WeSwap, Tesco, Booking.com and Red Box software - designing digital strategies and technologies that include machine-learning data-analytics, CRM, social-media and ecommerce. 

I am someone who is curious about the development of humankind in all its guises across work, fun, family and friends, and how 7 billion of us interact across a wonderfully diverse planet. I value any thought, behaviour or technology, which provides a breakthrough to improve any of these important life building blocks. Also, I believe that collaboration is crucial to other like-minded people in terms of building new and exciting brands that come forward with new ways to pull emotional levers. Furthermore, I work across organisations and networks to help to enhance human enjoyment and what they return through engagement with customers and ultimately the delivery of business growth.

Tell me about your general view on networks?

I think networks are the new ‘glocal’ communities, from which passion, wisdom, and deed may spring, and in turn provide the catalyst for positive change. If we could all connect and interact with people around the world to work together on the big and small challenges that people are faced with, just imagine what we could achieve!

What is the WOF network?

People, and the passion, creativity, innovation, and character they bring, are the most important asset for any organisation. Thus far such a people asset has not been sufficiently valued or encouraged to flourish. We now need to unleash this important asset in the world of work and important endeavour. This is the work of the WOF network, which is a group of experienced and passionate people that have come together to forge new paths to higher levels of diverse, productive human output.

How do you envisage the WOF network will impact your work/ your business?

The WOF network will have a profound impact on me personally, and the knock-on will be an improvement in my life overall. The stimulus of collaborating with motivated people around the globe is a marvellous way to generate energy and spirit and will go from strength-to-strength.

What impact do you expect it’ll have on other members?

My fellow WOF members, and indeed those connected through their networks, will have a rich vein of knowledge from which to draw, which will have a significant impact on the quality of the work or avenue of life they lead. It is impossible to think how they would otherwise find and be close to such a seem of insight that stretches to every corner of the globe.